Mason Strike

As We Use To { Kason & Lou }



     Kade sort of blinked as Lou walked past him without so much as a glance. “Well hello to you too,” he muttered a bit but was drowned out at Mason’s own exclamation. Which was probably a good thing. It would be stupid to fight now. She just got here. “Just eat? As opposed to what? Sit and stare at the food?” he joked and went into the kitchen to set another place for her at the table.

     ”Give her a second to breathe, Mason. Easy with the twenty questions,” he laughed and took his seat before starting to fill the plates with food. 

Of course Mason would grab her like that. Lou and him had something in comun - they were not emotional people. So when they found someone like he had found Kade or even Lou, that he could actually show that emotions he would take the oportunity. Just like Lou use to. But for some reason she was not feeling a thing. She felt like she had just met them. Why? 

"Thank you", she said back to Kade when he told Mason to calm down. It took a few seconds to feel that this house was a friendly one. The feeling was there, but she couldn’t touch it. "Yes, I am sort of hungry. I’ll be fast, just eat and go", she said and then sat at the table, looking at them. She puts her phone next to her plate and then looked at the food, starting to put some for herlself in silence. 

As Kade began to spoon their dinners out on their plates, Mason refrained from asking Lou a plethora of other questions as he went to get another silverware set. As he did so, he also opened a cabinet to get out a new bottle of red wine. He knew Lou loved her alcohol and though she usually preferred hard liquor, that kind of booze would come after dinner. And if knew Lou at all, she’d need some alcohol presently to get her from clamming up and becoming awkward. Grabbing three wine glasses, he poured a healthy amount for each of them before sitting down at the table.

At Lou’s remark that she’d just eat and leave, Mason sighed under his breath and look over at Kade knowingly. Wasn’t this just like Lou? To get up her nerve to come and visit and then freak out immediately upon arrival? Before anything was said, Mason added another glug of wine to Lou’s glass - she’d need a lot of it to open back up. “Sure. Dine and dash. But there’s a lot of fucking food here and you’re not allowed to leave until this bottle of wine is finished.”

As We Use To { Kason & Lou }



     At the smell of food, Kade made his way into the kitchen where Mason was cooking what was bound to be fucking delicious. He certainly had a way with food. He chuckled as Mason pushed him against the counter and kissed him. “Are you bribing me into helping you with kisses?” he teased then jumped lightly as his ass was tapped and he laughed, grabbing the napkins and placing them on the table. 

     The knock, however, came as a surprise, and Kade looked up with furrowed brows, directing his gaze to Mason with a question in his eyes. It seemed his fiancee was just as confused. “Sure…” he murmured in answer, leaving the napkins and going to the door and opening it. His eyes widened at the sight before him and a smile broke out across his features. “Lou! Come in come in!” he exclaimed, opening the door wider. “Mason, it’s Lou!” he called out to him.

When the door was open everything was too fast. Looking at Kade’s featuring brought her all those feelings that she maning to push away until now. First of all she realised how much she missed them. The French woman could actually feel her heart squeezing with that feeling. She wanted to hug Kade tight and say that to him but she didn’t. 

And then he called Mason. Mason was there. By now she also felt guilt. And then sadness. She not only hand missed them, but she had missed their lifes. Lou knew that she didn’t belong among them anymore, but she was there and she had to do something about it. “Dinner is ready?”, she simplily asked, getting inside the house, passing right through Kade, not even looking at him. “I hope you don’t mind if I just… Eat”, she said on her oddly good manners.  

In response to Kade’s questioning glance, Mason just shrugged, just as confused as he was, as he turned off the burners on the stove. Bringing the bowl to the table, he watched Kade from the dining room, the dogs following on his heels in friendly protectiveness. As the door opened, his eyes widened as he recognized who the visitor was. Immediately abandoning the dinner on the table, a smile stretched wide across his face as he came to meet Lou halfway as Kade showed her inside.

"Lou!" he laughed out loud, pulling her in for a brief but enthusiastic hug. "How come you didn’t tell us you were coming? When do you even leave Asher?" Shaking his head, he chuckled again, leading her into the kitchen. "We’ll catch up on that later. But yes, yes. Come in. There’s plenty of food. Fucking hell, it’s been forever since we’ve seen you," he sighed happily. "We’ve missed you."

As We Use To { Kason & Lou }


She thought a million times before knocking at Mason’s door. This was not something that she would ever do in her life. Since they met Lou has found a way to consider Mason and Kade as very good friends, Dieu know how many crap they already handled between. Still, this was not something she would call usual. This was her trying. Hard.

It was not a secret that she didn’t wanted this. Having dinner with a close-to-mary-Kason. She hated this whole situation. Still, she was trying to keep them into her life. Lou couldn’t fake anymore - she was getting older and lonely and that’s why she was giving them a chance. Probably the last one, but she tried not to think about it. 

With another deep breath, she knocked. 

The table was set with two plates and two silverware sets and Mason was just adding the al dente pasta to the spicy shrimp sauce. As Kade wandered into the kitchen, Mason smirked and rested the wooden spoon in the skillet before gently pushing his fiance against the counter. Claiming his lips in a kiss, he smiled against Kade’s mouth. “Dinner in two. Do you mind just getting out some napkins, please?” As he pulled back from him, he tapped his ass lightly.

Right as he was pouring the pasta into a big bowl for serving, there was a sudden knock on the door. Pausing, he looked at Kade. They had literally just gotten rid of his parents two months ago - was it possible they had come back? That they’d found them in Boston? Sighing, he finished pouring the pasta but looked over at Kade. “Mind answering the door?”

texts @ Mason
  • Lou: EW. I don't wanna a cock on my mouth.
  • Lou: I'll blow Kade liking you or not.
  • Mason: That sounds more like the Lou I know.
  • Mason: HA. Sure. Good luck with that. He's an engaged man now, remember? ;)

texts @ Mason
  • Lou: Okay then gonna stop texting you now then.
  • Mason: You like twat, love. If you want a cock in your mouth though, more power to you.
  • Mason: This is also why I had you and Kade in separate rooms when you first met.

texts @ Mason
  • Lou: And yeah. Just about to start.
  • Mason: NO YOU'RE NOT.
  • Mason: You can't text while you blow someone. That's just etiquette.
  • Mason: Also - NO YOU'RE NOT.

texts @ Mason
  • Lou: did you made up to Kade that I am about to blow someone's cock?
  • Mason: WHAT. No? But what?
  • Mason: Please tell me you're not actually going to suck some guy off.


     Kade quickly pushed the fidgeting beside him out of his mind and focused on the sound the keys made instead. He lost himself in the chords and the notes, his eyes only opening  to scribble a few notes onto the page. Suddenly, though, a chuckle pulled him from his state. Kade looked over at Mason with a questioning eyebrow at what was funny.

He snapped to attention at the realization that his laughter had brought Kade from his concentration. Smiling guiltily, he cleared his throat. “Sorry,” he apologized. “I was just thinking about when we first met. About how you would glare at me whenever I wanted to listen to you play. We’ve come a long way…haven’t we?” he asked contemplatively.


     Kade gave a chuckle and a nod, his smile warm on his lips. “Alright, if you say so,” he conceded, though he was fairly sure Mason would get bored eventually. Composing was a slow-going process. It could take Kade anywhere between a few hours and over a few days to compose a piece. With that, he returned to his process, his eyes occasionally closing to get the full depth of a sequence. 

He fidgeted in his seat, trying to dispel some of his excess energy while staying as quiet as possible so Kade could compose. Listening in silent rapture, he watched Kade become immersed in the project and remembered the days in which his fiance hated when he listened to him play. He had thought it was too personal a process for Mason to be involved in, but with a smile, the older man chuckled as he thought about how far they’d come.