Mason Strike

Crackship #1 - Mason Strike & Julian Whitlock - Malian

These two first met when both of them were in tremendously bad places. Julian was being abused by his father, he was looking for his sister in slave houses to try and bring her home, and he was being bullied to take over the family business. Mason had just run away from Scotland after his parents treated his sexuality as a sin and mental illness and were the indirect cause of his adored boyfriend’s death in jail. Both seemed to be broken beyond compare and yet together, they managed to piece themselves back together. They became lovers and, most importantly, best friends.

Their time together, however, was at times just as destructive as it was healing. Both did copious amounts of heroin and got themselves in trouble a lot. Sex in a church confessional booth, anyone? And then, the most destructive of all, Mason sold himself into slavery without even telling Julian of his plan. Mason didn’t want to be a burden on Julian and have the man take care of him, so he sold himself. It made sense to him but was not the best decision that could have been made.

These two are complete opposites. Julian is serious, strict, and business-oriented. Mason is fun-loving, spontaneous, and hates to work. Not to mention, Mason would never be able to give Julian everything he needed in terms of romantic love. But they are best friends and I absolutely lovetheir friendship.

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